Thursday, February 17, 2011

NEWS: Inaugural Organs of State Summit

THE INSTITUTION - Much as our neighbor, the United States, sat down a few years into its establishment to commit itself to a Constitution, so too did our proud nation sit down this weekend for a Summit to recraft the Organs of State to better accomplish the mission.

The State's new Statement of Mission (pictured above) is a refined version of the purpose of our national project. It was drawn up and ratified with a full quorum of Organs of State Steering Committee members, gathered at The Institution.

The text of the new Statement of Mission is as follows:

We, the collected theater makers, in order to bring together artists of different disciplines, create a home for those artists, reimagine the audience experience by creating whole, performative events, provide for the common defence, promote an alternative to art as a commodity, and communicate with clarity over eloquence, do ordain and establish this mission statement for Organs of State.

Signed, this day, February 13, in the third year of our Founding.

Guy Yedwab
Joel Fullerton
Will Notini
Tim Logothetis

Ben Lundberg
Marika Kent
Erin McGuff