Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ADDRESS: New Years Address

STATE ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES, NY - The Master of the State began the Second State Session today with the annual prepared address to be distributed to State Residents:
Citizens, denizens, and visiting resident aliens: welcome.

Welcome to the year 2011.

In this, our second year as a fully independent nation, We would like to take a moment to talk with you about the road ahead. Not to talk about state plans, not to talk about new artistic worlds to conquer, but to talk about one word.


For our great State, this is the word that we will be reflecting on this year, and we would like to invite you to think about this with us.

As a young nation, we are an experiment. We are a new thing being tried. On one hand, we resemble those thing which come before us -- great institutions with long histories of success and short, sharp shocks of failure. But on the other hand, there is no guide for the road ahead. We have to blaze our own path. As such, we are a blank canvas.

Our great neighbor, America, was that way once. It was a blank canvas, but over time it has become a glorious painting. One which we still continue to add to, squeezing in details and extra lines. A beautiful painting.

But we have an opportunity to begin again. We may be a blank canvas, but we are also a paint-brush. And this is the year that we begin to use that paint-brush to color that canvas in. If you'll indulge the metaphor.

[pause for polite laughter]

This is the year for us to find out what we want to paint on that canvas. This is the year for us to find out who we are. And this is the year for you to find out who you are.

Who are you, citizen?

What do you do in your community?

This is a good year to find out.

This year, join us in our vow to choose who we are in 2011. Do it with us. Do it in your community.

Don't leave the page blank, or the State will write on it for you.

And we will probably draw a penis in your face.

[pause for awkward laughter]

Thank you for your attentiveness. We look forward to seeing you this year.